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tv   [untitled]    October 6, 2011 8:00am-8:30am PDT

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commissioner was to go being there -- president mazzucco being there. there was a stabbing. officers responded and found mr. wu outside, bleeding severely from his left hand, wrapped in a towel. it was a very severe injury. he had a knife in his and that he had just taken from his son who was on an attack. officers called for the beanbag gun and moved contact to make sure there were no other victims upstairs. had they discovered that mr. wu's son had been alone, that would have stood down. as they reached the top of the stairs, they saw mrs. wu, who had been stabbed more times than general hospital could count. bleeding out, bleeding to death
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on the floor. they tried to drag her to safety and be undetected. at some point in time, the son became aware there was also a sister in the house and with two knives raise over his head, he attempted a continuous attack on his mother and the officers. officers engaged the suspect with one shot from the beanbag gun. it did not have the desired effect. he continued to advance and the officers had to fire -- one officer fired two rounds, ending the attack. sadly, the mother passed away at the hospital from her injuries as well as the suspect. it was not until later on that we found out that he had a history of mental illness. however, because of the attack on others, this falls outside will would have been a cit response. anyway, that happened in.
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the meeting was well received by the community last night. i think people do appreciate the support of in the city and family and the community coming together to discuss these things right afterwards so we leave no mystery to it. that was that. we are at about 44, size for the year. although up about 6 from last year, we are still at roughly half of what we were in 2008 and years prior to that when we had the high years. we appear to have gotten a handle on it, although this last six weeks have -- has been a rough patch against what was a very good first seven months of the year. with the community, we have been very active. saturday, participated in a self-help for the elderly march in chinatown which was a really nice event.
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we did parent-youth summit down in palo alto to discuss violence. again, we are looking at this as a regional situation. i think it is important to support all of the other chiefs in the area. i went to the homecoming of the pop warner league. it was a blast. i played in the early 1970's. actually, in the late-1970's. it was great. it was the seahawks and the brown bombers. a traveling team from santa rosa. there must have been at least 200 youngsters in attendance ranging from the tiny guys up to early high school. just a great event. a lot of support from the parents. a very good stuff. today was the kickoff for fleet
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week. there are more events then i can count. and the san francisco police department is proud to be involved in anything that supports our men and women who, through the course of the last seven years, have been in harm's way. they get the chance to enjoy san francisco over this weekend. i will reassure the public, since we are on tv, if you hear a lot of loud noises overhead, take a look at. it is pretty impressive. they are on our side. that concludes -- the year to date statistics are roughly the same. crime down 6%. property crime relatively flat. president mazzucco: thank you very much. thank you for the meeting last night. it does eliminate the mystery and once the community heard what took place, they never feel good about it but they felt informed. that is the comments i have received from people living in
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the neighborhood. thank you for doing that. commissioner chan: i think the community meeting was timely. i was glad that there were residents who were living in the neighborhood that attended the meeting and were interested in what happened. i could tell there was a sense of a huge tragedy because of what happened. i appreciate that the chief went out there and i appreciate it that supervisor mar did quite a bit of outreach. i got quite a bit of e-mails about the meeting. i sense that the room probably has more questions. there are a lot of questions about mental health and language and there are a lot of good questions. i would be happy to join you, chief. going to the discussion we just had, i wanted to ask this question of the chief -- just let us know about stephanie douglas and her letter, saying
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that she will not sign any cases to us, they are in violation. my vague recollection of this is that the commission is supposed to review reports of anything that touches on the relevant dgo's. have those reports been happening? has anybody been reading them? i have not seen or heard anything. >> you mean the review of the book of cases that hold us compliant? commissioner chan: not the annual one. my understanding is that there are more frequent reports that go out and that the commission president or his or or designee who receive that. i've not heard anything about that. >> there has been a report. vice president marshall has been
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designated to review the report. it is something that falls within -- dr. marshall, when is the last time you have seen that? vice president marshall: it is a monthly signed-off. it is something we do with all of the commissioners. it is basically all of the activity that has happened in the month. and there has not been any. that is the procedure. commissioner chan: could you get a written report that says you did not get anything or you just did not get anything? vice president marshall: i am told by the assigning officers that they have to be investigated. commissioner chan: in the reason i ask that it goes to stephanie douglas' letter and how we can make sure these things are happening on our end. thank you. president mazzucco: any further
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comments for the chief? let's move to the next item. the directors' report. >> it is a review of recent activities and a presentation of the 2011 community outreach strategic plan. >> and good evening members of the commission and members of the audience. i have no recent activities to report. other than last night, at the community meeting, there was an occc investigator present there as well. it might be helpful to the community, in the future, when one of our investigators is in the audience, that they let the audience know we have a presence at those meetings. it is our current policy that when these meetings occur, that the chief investigator or a senior investigator will be present in the audience. i will remind them that they need to notify you that they are
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present. next week, i will provide you with the september statistics and we would like to move into our community our reach strategic plan, which will be presented to you by a policy analyst attorney. also, our coordinator for outreach activities and our mediation coordinator is here in the audience this evening. president mazzucco: thank you very much. >> good evening. i am the attorney for the office of citizen complaints. i think you for the opportunity to present our our reach strategic plan. i would like to provide you with a brief background to this plan and highlight some of the outreach work from the last year. three years ago, the occ presented our first annual
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strategic plan to this commissioner. according to professor samuel walker, this was the first civilian oversight strategic plan and the country. we are proud to be in san francisco and to do this. in fact a camara he has his strategic outreach plan on his website. what we have done in this outreach plan is to use our presentations to community groups, to use our ability to provide fliers to lots of community and city organizations throughout the city, to inform community organizations, leaders, about our goals and about civilian oversight in general. and about the opportunity for the community to engage in community policing and to help the occ achieve our own goals. in 2010, what our staff did was we made presentations at a variety of community organizations such as textiles your -- excelsior youth center,
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the merchants association, we also went to a variety of community events. the bayview writers community association, the resource fair, senior action network convention, chinese action affairs. we participated in operation homeless connects. we also have an opportunity to work with a variety of juvenile justice groups. put together a know your rights pressure that is available in six languages. we have an opportunity to work with mental health providers and community organization. because of being a unique oversight model, academic and international communities are interested. they come and visit us from england, argentina, as far as australia and indonesia. we have an opportunity to work with students locally. through our our reach, we have
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developed a variety of public service announcements, provided reporting about what we do through our annual report, but also on our web site. there is a conference, which is the national organization for civilian oversight, and members of the occ staff had an opportunity, we presented different panels and moderated different workshops at this oversight training ground. through our mediation, we have also been able to do more outreach. we work with the police officers association to encourage officers to participate in our mediation as well as to work with a robust group of plaintiffs and pro bono attorneys to provide mediation services. our web site -- this year, we were able to provide the public information about when we are providing our outreach activities. brochures are available for out
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our website for it would provide our quarterly reports to you and make those available to you as well. our challenge is to do more with less. in the past, there has been more frequent resources there's and opportunities to do outreach. we are balancing the dance between our investigative load and our ability to do our reach. despite all of these challenges, we are committed to a robust outreach strategy and we welcome your questions, your suggestions. president mazzucco: thank you very much. any questions? commissioner kingsley: thank you very much for your report. i enjoy going over your report. i think that the occ ought to be commended and congratulated on being at the forefront of our nation and having the program, the outreach that you do.
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thank you for that. i am just a knowledge in that. it seems to be growing year by year. two questions -- one is the outreach to the muslim-arab- middle eastern descent community. we heard a lot tonight. one question is, what has been done or are there plans that target that group in terms of outreach so that that community knows and understands well how to use the occ? that is my first question. >> we have done our reach and we are in the process of translating our general information brochures and other materials into arabic.
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we have connections and have continued to broaden those connections and want to work with the arab community. >> i might further elaborate. we have more work to do in that area. we have reached out have gotten information from in-house commissioner chan -- gotten information from commissioner chan but it is an area where we want to do more. commissioner kingsley: thank you very much. the second question has to do with the brochure know your rights. i remember the session were that was presented. i think it took one year of work on that. it was in several languages and i know commissioner chan worked with the occ on that.
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that was a terrific unveiling. now here we are, about one year later, and i am wondering what kind of feedback either the department or you all have been getting? where do think that has been? i know a suggestion was made at that meeting that officers carry copies of that inappropriate language is in the cars as they are out in their communities so that they have it at the ready. i do not remember whether there was a structure around if it is handed out. whether there was a report back on the report indicating that they handed that out or it was similar to other instances where there was a receipt given or something of that nature. i do not recall whether there
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was any kind of follow through on that. but we give you feedback around the effectiveness of the brochure. i am just growing all that out for comment. >> we received a lot of favorable response concerning the brochure. part of what we do is, on a quarterly basis, distributed to a variety of city organizations and community centers. in terms of responsibility of the police to barbara, there is a general order where officers are required, where they are arresting a youth, to provide that information to the individual. it is required in the incident report. i have met with the school board, not the school board but the student advisory council, which are representatives of the different high schools. it is a student organization that has been provided those brochures and they are being distributed throughout centers in the high schools. we still have a lot more work to do, but there has been a lot of favorable response to have it in
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so many languages. commissioner kingsley: this is probably not very practical, but is there a mechanism by which to get statistics from the department? to indicate how many were given out on the spot in terms of police interaction with a youth? do we know that? or that the brochure was handed out? >> i do not have that. president mazzucco: -- commissioner kingsley: i was just wondering if that is something the we know. whether there was a point of use at the time with the officer. >> to answer that question, i think it is possible. it certainly counts in the district courts, times that was in there. it is a matter that the department has the timely
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resources to make that count. commissioner kingsley: it is probably not practical, but it would be interesting to know, when there is an interaction, aside from the general information, how and when it was used on the spot in a particular instance. with youth when they are being detained or held. the reaction of them reading it, understanding it when that occurs. and the number of times it has been used under those circumstances, as opposed to general dissemination to organizations and groups. that is all. thank you for your report. i really appreciate it. >> you are welcome, commissioner. any other questions? president mazzucco: item 2c is
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the commissioners reports. >> i have nothing new to report tim -- to report today. i have a question about our next meeting. when is our next meeting. president mazzucco: i think our chief will be out of town that evening. >> last week in october. ok. commissioner chan: i will be attending the asian peace officers association this friday and i hope that the chief and other members of the commission will be there. it will be a great meal and a great foundation. president mazzucco: anything else to report? great. let's move on to item 2d. >> is the commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at feature commission meetings. president mazzucco: anything? commissioner kingsley. commissioner kingsley: i wanted
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to apprise the other commissioners that commissioner turman and i have been working on priorities for scheduling and have had input from the chief and we will be getting input from the director of occ and our city attorney. this quarter has also been working with us in terms of getting a more generalized calendar of our responsibilities as a commission put in a more organized fashion, in the form of a resolution. i wanted to update you on the fact that that work is happening. we will report back when we have something more tangible to actually present. also, in connection with that, the lieutenant has been taking some of the initial priorities that have been identified as well as the input and trying to
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get them on our calendar between now and the rest of the year. one of those items does include commissioner marshall and one of the suggestions you brought up a few times is that the chief -- feedback from the 2008 report. some of that is coming. president mazzucco: commissioner chan. commissioner chan: i want to put a question to this commission says it was put to us by the public. are we going to calendar anything in the future? what date are we at? the community has come up to us two or three times about this issue. i think we should have closure and be clear about where we are. i am not sure where we are right now. i want to put that out to the commissioners to have been working hard on this issue. the chief, where are we right now? >> we have been working on this. commissioner slaughter, myself,
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the chief has been working. we have had one joint meeting with the human rights commission. there have been several references into discussions in our police commission here. in what exactly are we calendar ing? i think it is an ongoing dialogue that is taking place. i cannot see what would we calendar? what with the resolution the? and would be that we opt out of the jttf? or do we continue on the path we are on where we continue to participate but do so pursuant to our general orders, the bureau order, and our sensitivities to protect the community? how do we calendar this? you tell me. it is something -- it is an ongoing process. i do not think we are ready to calendar anything for the next couple of weeks. there has been some work in conversation, but we have discussed the situation and her
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from the community. i am concerned about the community's concerns, but we are hearing about the fbi. we are the census go police department. we have these programs in place. if they do not work, we have the occ in place to handle that. how would you like to calendar that and what would you like to calendar it for? commissioner chan: i do not have the answer to that, i would like to hear from the fellow commissioners. commissioner turman: my comment is not related to the jttf. it is related to something else. i should reported this on the last item. on october 13, i will be attending the police chiefs lgbt forum on hate crimes. it will be october 14 at the lgbt center. i am sorry for the awkwardness of when the announcement came,
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but i apologize. i apologize for the awkward this, and not for going to the event. commissioner kingsley: with the showing of the concerns of the community, i would like to see the commission grapple with this, not necessarily with a particular action item of a resolution or an action item, but at least have a discussion among commissioners. i have questions. each time this comes up, there are questions that are raised. if nothing else, to bring some clarity around the fbi, their role, the interplay, and how we can convey adequately to the public the distinction of the role, you know, some education
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on it. we need to grapple with this issue more. and not necessarily with a deadline around taking action, but a deadline soon in terms of the calendaring a discussion around this so that we can discuss what types of action we should be considering. commissioner turman: my comments are not directed towards the jttf. i agree with commissioner kingsley. for us to have a further discussion amongst ourselves and particularly with a question and answer session, we should be thinking about what we currently have. is there a way to improve that? have a question and answer session with the chief, with the attorneys from the aclu, and at
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some particular questions to think if we can improve what we have in place. that may be the case, that may not be the case. i disagree with the statement was made by one of the members of the public. although i respect what she had to say, that last week no one here demonstrated that we understand the issues. we clearly understand the issues that have been discussing them for quite some time. i was not on the police commission, but i was a participant on the human rights commission and there was only one day between my appointment and coming here. we understand the issues. we need to talk and discuss things. we need to start thinking on our own about what is in place and if we need to approve on that. how can we improve upon that? we put the question is directed to the folks who think they have the answers to how we should be
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acting. i agree with commissioner slaughter. we are not portland. there are different characteristics and different views. we are san francisco. we are proud to be san francisco. i am particularly outraged at any situation of racial profiling. i have been a victim of racial profiling on several levels. i am more than willing to have the discussion. more than willing to look into a solution. more than willing to look into what we have. let's calendar that. if we can. in and bring to the table what we think should be done and bring folks here and question them. president mazzucco: who would we question? commissioner turman: the chief, members of the aclu, other solutions we might want to add. vice president marshall: my
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biggest concern is that we are having discussions and i have had them anyway. this was a discussion tonight about an item that was on the agenda. we have passed a couple of times. we have a couple commissioners working on it. if we want to hear back from then, that is fine. we had a couple of discussions to find out the abc's of this thing. if we want to have a discussion, that is fine. i would like to hear back from those left taken a lead on this. i would not want to patronize them. i think that would finally be a good thing. i would like to -- i would like your opinion, commissioner turman, but as you are taking the lead on this. we are doing it anyway, so we might as well do it right.


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